Slackware ARM on a Raspberry Pi

Completing the install process

You have now completed the installation process. Before you reboot the system there are a few tasks left to do before you can actually reboot successfully. So, if the system offers, or tells you, to reboot - DO NOT REBOOT!

Press the enter key and you'll find yourself back in the familiar Slackware ARM setup interface. DO NOT REBOOT!

Select EXIT at the bottom of the setup interface and press the enter key. DO NOT REBOOT!

Select '< No >' at the bottom of the 'Exit Slackware Linux Setup' menu and press the enter key. DO NOT REBOOT! You want to be dropped to the command prompt in a shell. If you reboot right now you would reload the Slackware ARM installer you have just completed!

The above screenshot is what you want to be looking at, with a waiting cursor at the command prompt. If you see this then you are ok to continue.

To save space on your new Slackware ARM Linux system you're going to remove some packages which are not required. At the command prompt type the following command:

root@slackware:~# ROOT=/mnt removepkg kernel_armv7 kernel-modules-armv7

The unwanted kernel and module packages will be removed from the system.

After all of the superfluous kernel and module packages have been removed, you can continue to the next section of this tutorial... Configure your boot partition

Updated: 26 Jun 2019 08:59:55